During my stay in Bangladesh, especially village areas, a different idea about “Poverty” came up in my mind.

Is it true that they have to be “saved” by us?
They actually do not have a lot of things, but instead, they look happier than us for me.

Of course, material poverty is still an issue to be solved.
As modern society has been coming even in developing countries, people are easy to drop-out from family and friends networks such as slam people and street children. Safety net in developing countries is weaker than in those of “developed countries”

But actually, the definition of the term “poverty” is also changing even in developing countries. Their basic needs have been more or less materially fulfilled, but different problems are coming up; such as suicide, gap between rich and poor, which many of “developed countries” have faced.

In my opinion, as human being has lived for so many years on this planet, no one might need to be changed to “modern”, though some call them “poverty”.

I always thought of it 3 years ago in Bangladesh and am still looking for the answer.