my step mother passed away in this morning.
i’ve not met her since i entered in my university.
my father married her when i was 15.
then i left my ground parents and i started to live with them.
she had 2 children at the time.
i didn’t realize that one of them has the same father as me. 
my step mother did not like me caz i was born from the woman who she hated the most.
she got the child while my mother and father were still together.
it was difficult for her to hide her thought in front of me.
I am thinking whether she felt happy at the time when she passed away.
my father left her 4 year ago, even though they were still married. he left for another woman.
she had not contacted with her parents for many years. 
then, she passed away only at the age of 47.
but it could be said that she left 2 children who really love their mother.
I’ve just realize that we are going to die.