I arrived at Dhaka at 1 am.
I went to the hotel where I usually stayed.
It was the 5th times that I have been to Bangladesh.
After I slept for a few hour, I went to meet some of my Bangladesh friends.
when I chat with them, time pass so quickly.
First, I met Kalid, who have helped to make the documentary which I am making.
I went to the brothel with him in this August. He helped me a lot not only as a translater.
He taught me a lot of Bangladesh issues including sex workers in Bangladesh.
And we talked about our life, our friend and our future dream under thousands of stars.
It was one of the most beautiful memory in my life.
He is just 20 years old and a sophmore student of Dhaka university, but He is much more matured than me.
In this time, we discussed how I would construct the documentary.
the problem was that even though I had got a lot of imformations about brothel issue, it was still difficuilt to construct the story.
I have a lot of tapes of the documentary,  but it is still not clear how i will edit.
Second, I met Taher. He is the best Bangladesh friend of mine.
I met him last spring when I visited Banladesh first.
When I walked on an aisle in langage institute of Dhaka University, he spoked to me.
He had been studying Japanese for 3 years to get Japanese girl friend, but he got Bengli girl friend after that.
But he is still studying Japanese and he is planning to go to Japane next year.
After I came back to Japan from the 1st visiting of Bangladesh, I found thare were a big brothel in Tangile district from some jounal.
I spent a day there at the first visiting of Bangladesh because Tangile district was the home town of Taher. He took me there because I wanted to see village senary of Bangladesh.  
When I visited Bangladesh second, I went to his hometowm and consult with his father.
Suprisingly a friend of him worked for a NGO which had been helping sex workers and their children in the brothel.
the next day, I went to visit the NGO to ask them to guide the brothel.
( I wrote about it a year ago)
I have a lot of friends in several countries.
I feel how the world is beutiful when I think about the memory of them and when I meet them again.
That is the biggest reason why I want to do something for the world.